rabble.ca was created in 2001 by a group of inspired media and community activists who recognized a need for more spaces for alternative news and views. Now in its seventh year rabble has become Canada’s most popular source for online independent media.

"The need for independent channels of information and interaction is always critical for a free society, but particularly so at times like these. It is no exaggeration to say that the hopes for a decent world rest substantially on the success of the kind of work that rabble.ca has been carrying out with such distinction and dedication."

-- Noam Chomsky

rabble’s content is 100% free and features:

  • Original news and columns by established and emerging writers from across Canada (and beyond)
  • Reprints of articles by leading columnists, including the best of the left from mainstream columnists
  • Editor selected links to stories on social movement and union websites (our in cahoots section), as well as links to news stories elsewhere netted news.
  • Dozens of podcasts (rabble podcast network) on topics ranging from politics (local, regional, national, international) to DVD reviews, to cooking advice. rabble has its own flagship show rabble radio which can also be heard on a number of community radio stations across Canada.
  • A moderated discussion board (babble) where you can always find dozens of threads on politics, culture, and the happenings of the day filled with insight, wit and passion.
  • A unique book section (the book lounge), featuring original and reprinted book reviews, a listing of book events across Canada, book themed podcasts, an online bookstore, and an online book club.
  • 3 minute action listings, a quick, but important, action you can take online to affect change (such as signing a petition).
  • A Canada-wide event calendar (what’s up), featuring events, workshops, speakers and more. This is a free service (to list and to read)
  • A free weekly email “announce” highlighting the stories and features of rabble for the week.
  • And coming soon rabble will be offering videos, blogs, rss feeds and other new features with a redesigned look to make the site even easier to use and even more interactive.

Web site: www.rabble.ca
Awarded $20,000 - early 2008

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