Knowles-Woodsworth Centre for Theology and Public Policy

The Knowles-Woodsworth Centre has its origins in discussions between Lloyd Axworthy, President of the University of Winnipeg; Bill Blaikie, former NDP MP and now MLA; and Jim Christie, former Dean of Theology at the University of Winnipeg. Their discussions focused on the need to reaffirm and revitalize the connection between the University of Winnipeg and the social gospel.

The late Dr. Henry Duckworth, President of the University from 1971 to 1981, pointed positively to the social gospel tradition of the university in his autobiography, citing Salem Bland, J.S. Woodsworth, Stanley Knowles, Carl Ridd, and Bill Blaikie as embodiments of the attempt "to apply Christianity to social problems."

After a quarter century or more of religion and right-wing politics, the Knowles-Woodsworth Centre for Theology and Public Policy affirms the connection between faith and progressive politics ... in the past and in the future.

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Awarded $4,000 - 2010

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