Speeches of Tommy Douglas - Volume 1

Image of DVD jacketThe Foundation has released a new DVD “The Speeches of Tommy Douglas – Volume 1”. The DVD, introduced by Shirley Douglas, contains eight speeches made by Tommy Douglas from 1959 to 1984.

Tommy Douglas’ speeches range from early 1960’s broadcasts as Saskatchewan’s Premier to his 1983 NDP Convention speech that received a twenty minute standing ovation. The DVD closes with a rendition of Mouseland introduced by Tommy’s grandson, Kiefer Sutherland.


  • Introduction by Shirley Douglas
  • Tommy on the Douglas-Coldwell Foundation: Excerpt from Tribute to Tommy and Irma - 1984 (below) in which he explains the Douglas-Coldwell Foundation.
  • CLC Convention: The CLC honoured Tommy Douglas and David Lewis with their first Humanitarian Awards. Actor, Bruno Gerussi, delivered a glowing tribute to which Tommy responded.
  • Speech to 50th Anniversary Convention: Tommy Douglas was present at the Regina Convention that founded the CCF. At the 50th Anniversary Convention in 1983, he delivered what many consider his greatest speech. Those present cheered him for over 20 minutes.
  • Tribute to Stanley Knowles: The friendship of Stanley and Tommy goes back to student days at [Manitoba's] Brandon College. Tommy reflected back on those days and challenged his audience to honour Stanley by taking up the issues of the day.
  • Tribute to Tommy & Irma: People always rallied to Tommy's inspiration to meet the challenges he identified. In this 1984 speech, he warned them about the coming battle to protect Medicare.
  • Broadcast by Premier T.C. Douglas - March on Ottawa : The CCF had aimed to represent the interests of both the farmers and the workers. In this broadcast made by the Saskatchewan CCF, Tommy did so when he spoke both of the plight of farmers who could not get a fair price for their produce and also of the workers whose rights were unfairly violated at this time in both Newfoundland and British Columbia.
  • Broadcast by Premier T.C. Douglas - Industrial Development: The CCF and NDP have often been referred to as the social conscience of the nation standing up for the rights of people. The Saskatchewan CCF and NDP would not have held power for most of the last 60 years if it were not for also successfully tackling economic issues. In this broadcast made by the Saskatchewan CCF, Tommy outlined their strategy on industrial development.
  • Broadcast by Premier T.C. Douglas - Inflation : The CCF had a keen interest in how the economy affected people's lives and the government's ability to finance social programs. On behalf of the Saskatchewan CCF, Tommy outlined his concerns about inflation.
  • Broadcast by Premier T.C. Douglas - Parity Prices : The Saskatchewan CCF was always sensitive to issues affecting farmers. In this broadcast by the Saskatchewan CCF, Tommy explained the importance of parity pricing to farmers.
  • Mouseland : The United Food and Commercial Workers Union made this animated cartoon based on a live recording of Tommy's famous speech. The cartoon is introduced by Tommy's grandson, Kiefer Sutherland. To read the text version or view the video click here.

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