DCF Board Meeting November 16, 2006

Douglas-Coldwell Foundation Board Meeting

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Thursday November 16, 2006
Ottawa, ON


Tessa Hebb
Pat Kerwin
Kealey Cummings
Marion Dewar
Anne Scotton
Ted Jackson

By Phone:
Frank Saptel
Howard Pawley
David Mackenzie

Fraser Green

Doug Massey

Meeting called to order at 10:05 a.m. by Tessa Hebb

1. m/s/c Minutes from June 22, 2006 Board meeting as amended, Frank Saptel sent his regrets and Marion Dewar was present only (not on the phone).

2. President's Report

Tessa Hebb reviewed the activities of the DCF since our June Board Meeting. She discussed our presence at the NDP Federal Convention in Quebec City in September 2006. It was an overwhelming success, with many new members signed up. The two recipients of the $25,000 2006 Douglas-Coldwell Foundation Awards (total of $50,000) were presented leading to a standing ovation from the delegates. Thanks again to everyone who helped before and at Convention to make our booth a success.
The DVD sales are doing well with several hundred sold. The DVD sales and free poster hand out had a big impact at the NDP Convention. Pat Kerwin’s outreach to National and local unions in supporting the Foundation and the continuing production of the Tommy DVD’s has been a great success and their support is greatly appreciated.

Union donations are $3,100 YTD with 25 Association Memberships now in place.
We must continue to reach out and provide new avenues for finding new members and support. It is important to have booths and DCF representatives at conventions to increase our exposure.

The next AGM is the 10 year mark of Tessa’s Presidency. Now that the Foundation is on a strong footing Tessa indicated to the Board that this is a good time for her to step down from the position of President. She will remain on the Board for another term to assist with the transition for the new President. Our Vice President, David Mackenzie has indicated that he is willing to take on the Presidency if elected. Tessa asked the Board as a whole to be the nominating committee and agreed to chair the committee as she is stepping down as one of the Boards Officers. Once again a reminder that as per the by-laws, we are going to ask Board Members who have not participated in the last two meetings to step aside at the next Annual General Meeting.

Two positions of the Officers need to be in Ottawa for cheque signing and the other two positions do not need to be in Ottawa since we have full capacity to share documents by email and internet. It was recommended that we strengthen our Board coverage across Canada.

m/s/c Motion as amended to approach Shirley Douglas and Ed Broadbent to become Honorary Patrons of the Board.

m/s/c adoption of the President's Report.

3. Treasurer's Report
The Balance Sheet indicates $591,000 in assets. Our Investments are recorded at the lowest book value not market value so in actual fact they are worth almost $200,000 more.

Profit and Loss Statement was reviewed. The web site is now available in English and French. Joss Maclennan Design did a great job designing the look of our site, posters, letterhead and business cards. Plus we can now accept donations on a monthly basis by banking info on our web site. DVD sales continue to do well and the cost of sales is listed. Memberships are able to cover most of our administrative costs, leaving the endowment for annual grants.

m/s/c adoption of the Treasurer's report.

4. Executive Secretary's Report
Anne Scotton reported on memberships now at 181 members, with 156 individuals and 25 Association/Unions.

m/s/c Adoption of the Executive Secretary's report.

5. New Project Requests

The Board reviewed eight proposals. These were the Canadian Constitution Fund, the Homelessness Marathon at McGill University, Karl Polanyi Institute of Political Economy, University of Moncton, John Burton – Potash Publication, NDP-CCF Library, The Elizabeth Wiebe Society for Orphaned Children in Canada, and Fund for Global Survival.

Fund for Global Survival submission is a large project to take on considering our current mandate and we need to understand more. We will need to understand the administrative load and financial burden on the Foundation as this is a completely different initiative than everything else that has ever been presented to us and not part of new Project proposals.
m/s/c to invite George Crowell to speak at the Spring Board Meeting about the Fund for Global Survival

m/s/c to decline funding to the remaining 7 projects at this time.

m/s/c that given the $31,000 already committed for 2007 we wait until May 2007 to decide any further funding for 2007.

6. Federal Convention report
Already covered in President’s report

7. DVD Project
Pat Kerwin reported that he has gathered the speeches of Tommy Douglas in the House of Commons from 1977-79. Ed Broadbent has agreed to do the introduction for the DVD. There is a third DVD planned covering the War Measurers Act and Shirley Douglas’ speech to the NDP Convention “A Tribute to Tommy Douglas”. Pat continues to raise funds for this through Union support.

8. Scholarship Update
The Woodsworth Scholarships have been awarded for 2006, as have the Carleton Scholarships. The University of Regina hasn’t reported in as of yet. We will contact them for an update for the next meeting.

9. Other Business

Medicare Conference that we are sponsoring is scheduled for May 3-4, 2007 in Regina. More information will be posted on our web site once it becomes available.

There was a suggestion to set up new Communications and Grants committees
As per the by-laws they must be compromised by 3 members or more and chaired by a Board Member.

m/s/c to increase Doug Massey’s honorarium to $630 per month (an additional 6 hours per month) in light of the increased workload of the Foundation

The AGM and next Board Meeting will be held on Tuesday May 15, 2007 (9 am)

m/s/c Motion to update by-laws at the next AGM– all in favour

m/s/c Motion to adjourn meeting at 11:38 a.m

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