DCF Board Meeting May 18th, 2000

Douglas-Coldwell Foundation Board Meeting
May 18th, 2000 - 9:30 am NDP Board Room, Ottawa

In Attendance:
Tessa Hebb
Ted Jackson
Lorne Ingle
Anne Scotton
Marion Dewar

Bill Knight
Geraldine McGuire
Bill Blaikie
Kealy Cummings
Dick Martin
David Mackenzie
Fraser Green

The Meeting was opened at 9:30 by the president with the display of the DCF web site www. DCF.ca.

The Board gave a unanimous vote of thanks to President Tessa Hebb for all her work on the M.J. Coldwell biography and the great success of the official book launch. There was a discussion of the success of the M.J. Coldwell book launch the previous evening with over a hundred guests in attendance. The Board had a general discussion about further promotion of the book over the next six months including book reviews and promotion in Party and labor newspapers, a book launch in Sask., and offering the manuscript as a possible film documentary.

M/S/C that the agenda be approved.

M/S/C that the minutes of the last Board meeting be approved.

President's Report
To be presented to the Annual General Meeting immediately following the Board meeting.

Secretary's Report
Anne Scotton reported that the amount of members and donors has reached 120 and made special note that both Margaret Carman and Stoddart Publishing donated $1 000 towards the M.J. Coldwell biography project. The Secretary also urged that every opportunity be taken to promote the book to push to be a best seller. She recommended that the book be suggested to university libraries and history departments and also brought up the possibility of a second book launch in Saskatchewan.

The Secretary reported that the DCF had been named as a beneficiary in the will of Alfred Russell Grimwood, and that the will has been contested, we expect to be notified of the final decision shortly.

We have received $29,000 from Eileen Suffrin's estate, that will be placed in our endowment portfolio.

Anne Scotton reported that Geraldine McGuire has stepped down from the Board due to the fact that she is currently limiting her commitments.

The Secretary reported that Todd Dickson, a recipient of the DCF's M.A. scholarship at the University of Regina, has completed his thesis and has received the second half of his award, even though the completion of his thesis was a number of years since the awarding of the scholarship.

Treasurer's Report
To be presented to the Annual General Meeting immediately following the Board meeting.

New Projects Review
Ted Jackson of the New Projects committee reported that five proposals were submitted to the DCF since the last meeting. He recommended that only one receive funding. The George Brown photo exhibit project in the amount of $1 000, the other four proposals; a video project on the life of Machine Gun Wallace, the book Petrotyranny, The Working Women's Conference in Toronto and the book Health for Sale were not recommended for funding.

M/S/C that the recommendations of the New Projects committee be adopted

The meeting was adjourned 10:30.

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