DCF Board Meeting June 3rd, 2003

Douglas-Coldwell Foundation Board Meeting
June 3rd 2003
NDP Caucus Services, Ottawa

In Attendance:
Nanci Morrison
Fraser Green
Anne Scotton
David Mackenzie

Tessa Hebb
Keally Cummings

Call to Order

12:00 the meeting was called to order

M/S/C that the minutes of the last board meeting be approved

Presidents Report

The president sends her regrets

Treasurers Report

The Treasurers report was delayed until the AGM directly following the Board meeting

Nomination to the Board

The Board recommended that Lynn Williams, who has already agreed, and Shirley Douglas, who has not yet been approached, fill the vacant positions on the Board.

Fraser Green discussed plans to start a membership drive aiming for a starting date of September this year


12:30 the meeting was adjourned

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