DCF Board Meeting August 16, 2009

Douglas-Coldwell Foundation Board Meeting
August 16, 2009 - Halifax, NS Board Meeting

In Attendance:
David Mackenzie
Pat Kerwin
Doug Massey (staff)

By phone:
Howard Leeson
Erin Armstrong
Anne Scotton

Fraser Green
Tessa Hebb
Kealey Cummings
Dick Proctor
Lynn Williams

1. Adoption of Agenda
m / s / c

2. Minutes of Nov 27 2008 Board Meeting
One change – Howard Leeson was on the phone – minutes will be updated.

3. Correspondence
No correspondence

4. President’s Report
Carried forward to the AGM

5. Secretary’s Report
Carried forward to the AGM

6. Treasurer’s Report
Audited statements carried forward to the AGM
Pat Kerwin – we’ve made the award to the Canadian Network on Corporate Accountability.
We’ve received a $30,000 donation this year from a donor which is greatly appreciated.
Last year lost about $200,000 on investments and this year so far have regained about $100,000.
Point of Information from David Mackenzie – the convention has brought in a good deal of interest to the Foundation

7. Scholarship Report
Carleton University - both scholarships have been given out.
University of Regina – gave out $1500 (first installment) – scholarship is still alive
Expect Woodsworth College invoice to arrive in the near future.
Memorial donations for Beverlee Bell scholarship was $400 in 2009 so far another $400.

8. Nominate Candidates for AGM
Discussion around individuals expressing interest in serving on the Board of the DCF.
Slate created for the AGM

9. Other Business
Date for next Board Meeting set – Tue December 1, 2009 at 11 am ET.

Motion to adjourn at 3:23 pm AT


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