DCF Annual General Meeting May 25, 2008

Douglas-Coldwell Foundation Board Meeting
May 25, 2008 Annual General Meeting
3 pm ET

Steelworkers' Hall
25 Cecil St (lower level)
Toronto, ON M5T 1N1

David Mackenzie
Pat Kerwin
Anne Scotton
Eric Hebert-Daly
Frank Saptel
Alexa McDonough
Art Field
Lynn Williams
Bill Tough

Board Members on the phone:
Erin Armstrong
Tessa Hebb

Doug Massey

Opened at 3:09 pm by David Mackenzie

1. Approval of Agenda

An introduction by everyone present was conducted, with special thanks to our members who made their way out to the meeting in Toronto.

2. Approval of minutes from 2007 AGM

3. President’s Report
David thanked everyone on the Board for their hard work.
Discussed the Federal NDP Convention where we operated a very successful booth and were able to announce the 2 - $25,000 Douglas-Coldwell Foundation Awards on stage – to a standing ovation.
David discussed our current grants for 2008 which were Rabble.ca, Apathy is Boring and ACORN Canada.
David encouraged everyone to continue to spread the word about the great work the Foundation is doing.


4. Executive Secretary’s Report
Anne reported on membership:
213 members, of which 128 are current and 85 renewable.
28 Association memberships.


5. Treasurer’s Report
Pat presented the 2007 Audited Statements


Motion to reappoint our auditor OHCD Ouseley

Pat also discussed the new legacy leaflet and the 3rd DVD project

6. Nomination of Board Members
Committee for Nominating Board Members will be the Officers.
Goal will be to create a “diverse” Board


7. By-Law changes
The by-law changes were presented and discussion was encouraged.
The basic changes were housekeeping moving the fees to the “Rules and Regulations” section.
By-laws are now posted on the web site.

Motion to adopt housekeeping changes

8. Other Business

Frank discussed CLiFF – Canadian Labour International Film Festival.
Motion to encourage and support CLiFF


Motion to thank Pat and Doug for all their hard work on the DVD “Speeches of Tommy Douglas – Volume 2”


Motion to adjourn at 4:24 pm


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