DCF Annual General Meeting May 15, 2007

Douglas-Coldwell Foundation Board Meeting
Annual General Meeting – Tuesday May 15th, 2007 AGM
300-279 Laurier Ave W
Ottawa, ON.

11:20 p.m. AGM declared open by Tessa Hebb


Tessa Hebb
David Mackenzie
Anne Scotton
Pat Kerwin
Kealey Cummings
Fraser Green

Board by Phone:
Howard Leeson
Dick Proctor

Doug Massey

George Crowell
Erin Armstrong
Éric Hébert-Daly

Proxy Votes:
27 proxies received

Alexa McDonough
Frank Saptel
Lynn Williams
Howard Pawley
Marion Dewar

Adoption of Agenda

1. Approval of Minutes of March 13th, 2006 Board Meeting

2. President’s Report (Given by outgoing President Tessa Hebb)

It has been a terrific year since our last AGM. At the last AGM we were just preparing for the 2006 Douglas-Coldwell Foundation Award. There were 12 applicants of which we decided to choose 2 of these applicants – the Toronto Disaster Relief Committee (TDRC) on their 1% Solution on Homelessness awarded in 2006 and the second being the Canadian Health Coalition in co-operation with Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) and others for a Medicare Conference in May 2007 in Regina, SK, awarded in 2007.

Our presentation at the Federal NDP convention in Quebec City of the awards and our booth the convention were very effective. We handed out free posters and held a draw for free DVD’s. Pat Kerwin, Fraser Green, Marion Dewar, Frank Saptel, Michael Deraiche and myself (Tessa Hebb) all helped at the booth. Alexa McDonough and myself (Tessa Hebb) presented the awards on behalf of the Foundation. Fraser Green gave a wonderful appeal for suppor of the Foundation followed by a standing ovation by the Convention for the DCF. Thank you to all for making it an overwhelming success.

Committees – we will be adding 3 committees to assist with input on the Foundation’s activities. Finance (& Fundraising), Grants and Communications. They will be meeting by conference call and those reports will be forwarded to the Board. We are encouraging members to get involved. They will be chaired by Board Members. Pat will be chairing the Finance Committee, Tessa Hebb will chair the Grants Committee and Frank Saptel will chair the Communications Committee.

On my 10th Anniversary of taking on the Presidency of the Douglas-Coldwell Foundation, I have decided to step down, remaining on the Board as Past President to assist with the transition. With the organization is such great shape, I feel it is good time to do this. Our Vice President, David Mackenzie, has agreed to step forward for nomination as the next President, and has been approved by the Board to come on as the next President.

Anne Scotton: A huge vote of thanks to you Tessa. This will mark the first time that the President hasn’t passed away while in office, as both Tommy Douglas and Kalman Kaplansky passed on during their terms. The Foundation has survived and grown due to your dedication. Your energy, inspiration, encouragement and optimism in your leadership have made a world of difference and I wanted to thank you from me and on behalf of the other Board Members and the founders of the DCF as they are probably looking down very pleased with what you have done during your term.
Tessa: Thank you. I’m more invigorated by the activities of the Foundation with the great support of the people involved in it than I have ever been.

President's Report:

3. Secretary’s Report
Anne reported on membership
We currently have 216 members in total
Compromised of :
189 invididual members
27 association members

Doug added that it is so important that direct word of mouth is the best method of increasing the Foundation’s membership. We have proof after the booths that we have been running that a conversation about what the Foundation is working on, what it is all about, etc, etc goes miles with attracting new members and donors.

Secretary’s Report:

4. Treasurer’s Report

Pat presented the Audited Financial Statements from OHCD, our Auditor (available upon request by any member of the Foundation). Pat went through our investments, yearly revenues and expenses. Next year the statements will report the investments at market value based on the new investment reporting regulations. Currently we report the market value as a note on our statements so we are happy with this new requirement.

All scholarships have been granted this year except for the University of Regina.

2nd DVD update: We are currently working on the 2nd DVD of Tommy’s speeches which is being introduced by Ed Broadbent. It will contain speeches of Tommy in the House of Commons. Pat has also secured the audio of the debates in the House of Commons

Motion to also reappoint OHCD as our auditors.

Treasurer’s Report:

5. Nomination Committee
Tessa indicated to the Board in November 2006 that she was going to step down as President of the DCF but would remain on the Board of Directors as Past-President.

Ted Jackson, Jill Marzetti and Robert Needham have also resigned from the DCF Board of Directors. Tessa would like to thank them all for their many years of service on the DCF Board of Directors.

To replace these three positions the following names have been brought forth to give us more coverage across the country.

Dick Proctor – British Columbia
Howard Leeson – Saskatchewan
Erin Armstrong – Ottawa (Beverlee Bell’s daughter)

In addition David Mackenzie has agreed to have his name go forward for President, Frank Saptel as Vice President, Anne Scotton as Executive Secretary and Pat Kerwin as Treasurer.

This report is the recommendation of the Board members be adopted at the AGM.

Tessa asked for any further nominations from the floor?

Hearing none – our 3 nominations have been appointed to the Board. In addition we have two new Honorary Patrons on the Board – Shirley Douglas and Ed Broadbent have agreed to come on as advisors to the Board.

6. By-laws Review and Updates

Reviewed Administrative changes for by-laws

Administrative Changes:
Changes to “Rules and Regulations – as amended”
Fees and Dues:
1. Fees and Dues
1.1 An Individual Lifetime Member shall pay a one-time due of $1,000.00
1.2 An Individual Annual Member shall pay minimum annual membership dues of $60.00
1.3 A Youth (26 years of age and under) Individual Annual Member shall pay minimum annual membership dues of $12.00
1.4 An Association Annual Member shall pay minimum annual membership dues of $100.00

2. Head Office
2.1 The head office of the Corporation shall be located at 300-279 Laurier Avenue West, Ottawa, ON, K1P 5J9

3. Expenses
3.1 Each Director shall be paid the following expenses for attendance at Board Meetings and, if he or she is a member of the Executive or other Committee, at each meeting thereof:
3.1.1 The most economical return train, bus or airfare
3.1.2 Transportation as required to and from airport and for airport parking
3.1.3 If driving, kilometer reimbursement as per the Treasury Board guidelines
3.1.4 Single hotel room including taxes
3.1.5 Meals and personal expenses up to the daily maximum as per the Treasury Board guidelines

Motion: To bring forth the suggested changes to the members at the 2008 AGM and to adopt the Administrative changes to the 2007 AGM for approval.

7. Other Business
No other business to report.

Motion to Adjourn
Tessa asked for that we adopt a motion to adjourn the meeting at 1 p.m.

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