DCF Annual General Meeting March 7th, 2001

Douglas-Coldwell Foundation Annual General Meeting
March 7th, 2001
NDP Caucus Services, Ottawa

In Attendance:
Tessa Hebb
Dick Martin
Ted Jackson
Lorne Ingle
Jill Marzetti
David Woodbury
Howard Pawley
Bill Knight
Bob Needham
Kealy Cummings
Marion Dewar
Bill Blaikie

Request to participate by conference call:
Anne Scotton
David Mackenzie

Call to Order
10:10 The Meeting was called to order by the President.

M/S/C that the agenda be approved.

M/S/C that the minutes of the last Board meeting be approved.
Presidents Report

The President reported that we have had a successful year. With the launch of the website, the publication of the Coldwell biography and the new focus of the DCF, the Foundation is once again being seen as an active organization in terms of supporting social democracy in Canada.

The President reported that as of March 2001 the M.J. Coldwell Biography has sold 1,200 copies across the country. She has approached Stoddart publishing about placing copies in libraries across Canada and has received a positive response. The goal of placing copies of the book in Canadian libraries could be part of the next membership appeal.

The President reported on the DCF web site. We are attracting visitors to the site, and have begun to encourage young writers to contribute to the site. We will look for ways to strengthen the links from our site, and promote our site with young people.

M/S/C that the presidents report be approved.

Executive Secretary's report

Due to the fact that the conference call phone service was not available, the Secretary's report has been delayed until the next meeting.

Treasurer's Report

The Treasurer presented the 2000 unaudited statements.

The Treasurer then presented the year to-date cash flow statement for 2001.

The Treasurer reported that we are reviewing Nesbitt Burns and considering moving the portfolio to another investment firm. We have already met with Frank Charette of ScotiaMcLeod for a portfolio review. In addition we will have a review of the portfolio by Credential Group of the Credit Union system.

Ted Jackson suggested that we invite professionals to propose fundraising strategies for the DCF and that the Foundation take a more activist approach to investing using ethical screening and participating in shareholder actions.

The Treasurer recommended that the Board take these suggestions as items for the next meeting.

M/S/C that the Treasurer's report be adopted.

New Projects

The President reviewed the requests that the foundation has received (see attached). On behalf of the Officers and New Project Committee, she recommended that the Board approve funding for the Des Morton/Ed Broadbent Conference on The Future of Social Democracy at the McGill Institute for Study of Canada and for the Ish Theilheimer/ Straight Goods on-line Forum on the Future of Social Democracy in Canada which would work in conjunction with the above conference.

The Officers recommended funding of up to $20 000 for the MISC Conference on the Future of Social Democracy with guarantees of a number of spots at the conference and a seat on the delegate selection committee. The Officers also recommended $5,000 for the Straight Goods On-line Forum. She noted that the Also she suggested that the DCF offer up our website for use in the On-line component of the conference.

Of the remaining requests, $1,000 for the publication of Doug Smith's Health Not For Sale was recommended. No other projects where recommended for support.

M/S/C that the New Projects Committee recommendations be adopted. The size of the grants will mean that no other discretionary projects will be funded in 2001.

12:15 the Meeting was adjourned by the President. The next Board meeting will be held in September 2001 in conjunction with our Annual General.

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