DCF Annual General Meeting March 13, 2006

Douglas-Coldwell Foundation Board Meeting
Annual General Meeting – March 13th, 2006
1000-155 Queen St. W
Ottawa, ON


Tessa Hebb
Pat Kerwin
Kealey Cummings
Fraser Green
Marion Dewar
Lynn Williams
David Woodbury

On the phone:
Frank Saptel
Jill Marzetti
Howard Pawley

Doug Massey

Alan Whitehorn
Chris Smart.

Ted Jackson
David Mackenzie

Meeting called to order 11:20 a.m.

M/S/C Adoption of the agenda

Adoption of the minutes from May 5th 2005 Annual General Meeting

1. President’s report
The President Reported on this last year of activity at the Foundation (Report is below) We undertook several projects including a very successful membership drive by email and mail. In the summer undertook two great projects – a DVD – and a new look for the Foundation. The President recognized Pat Kerwin and Doug Massey for all of their work on these projects. The introduction by Shirley Douglas on the DVD is invaluable. Pat Kerwin used the DVD as a means to ask Unions to help assist us with donations. The unions who have supported the project have received thank you letters and copies of the DVD. The next goal on that project is meet with union officers and involve them in the Foundation. The DVD will be released on Parliament Hill at a press conference this afternoon along with the announcement of our DCF Prize for the best project that captures Tommy Douglas’ Vision for Canada.

We have also revamped our material with new letterhead, posters, leaflets, web site, membership cards. With Pat Kerwin and Doug Massey coming on board we now have enough “human resources” to bring the Foundation forward.

President’s Report
One of our recent projects is a special DVD Speeches of Tommy Dougals Vol 1. This DVD, introduced by Shirley Douglas, contains speeches made by Tommy from 1959 to 1984. It closes with a rendition of Mouseland introduced by Tommy’s grandson, Keifer Sutherland. We undertook this project in recognition of Tommy Douglas being named the Greatest Canadian. The DVD will be released on March 13th in Ottawa. You received information on ordering the DVD in your recent mailing from the Foundation. We also updated our look and materials which you will have seen in these recent mailings. Our web site will be revamped in the coming months.

In 2006, we plan a further tribute to Tommy Douglas by holding a competition for the best project that reflects ‘Tommy’s vision for Canada.’ We will be awarding a grant of $25,000 to the project selected in this competition.

Last year the DCF made significant contributions to several important projects. These included: CKUT-FM Montreal, for a 24-hour radio Marathon Against Homelessness broadcast heard on student radio stations across Canada; Ottawa: Our Diversity City Project for a roundtable on labour market issues facing new immigrants; Community Ownership Solutions whose work on urban revitalization has an impact on the downtown core of Winnipeg; Birdsong Communications based in Saskatchewan for a documentary on Allan Blakeney; and assisted in the publication of Women and Homelessness by author Susan Scott of B.C. Our projects covered a range of issues and crossed the country.

In 2005, we continued to provide scholarships at three Canadian universities: Carleton University, University of Regina and Woodsworth College of the University of Toronto.

M/S/C Adoption of the President’s Report
2. Executive Secretary Report
Doug Massey presented the report on behalf of Anne Scotton. At the end of 2004 we had 35 members – now we have 82 regular members and 32 Association memberships (Unions, etc). The web site now has a great deal of information that was lacking before and is an effective way for people to join the DCF. Membership support is now covering the Foundation’s operating cost so the Endowment can now be fully used for grants. As we continue to build on membership, these funds will continue to grow the Endowment fund to increase Grants in the future.

Tessa Hebb noted that with the increase of members we also need to recognize that with this growth it will also increase the demand on Doug’s time and we should revisit those time requirements in the future.

M/S/C That we set a goal of 250 members by Dec 31, 2006.

M/S/C the adoption of the Executive Secretary’s report.

3. Treasurer’s report
Pat Kerwin presented the audited statements for 2005. The audited statements are available to our members – for a copy please contact Doug Massey in our office.

M/S/C Approval of the 2005 audited statements.

M/S/C Re-appoint Ouseley Hanvey Clipsham Deep LLP as our auditor for 2006.

M/S/C Commend the Officers and our Executive Assistant on a great job.

4. Nomination committee
All Board positions are currently filled.
No recommendations at this time

5. Other Business

Simon Strelchik, Federal NDP Candidate in the last election submitted a proposal together to host a library of NDP and CCF books. We will discuss this proposal further at the Fall Board Meeting.

We need to carry out an inventory of all DCF property and archives for our records. Tessa and Doug will undertake this over the summer of 2006.

M/S/C Meeting adjourned 12:20.

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