Community Ownership Solutions

Community Ownership Solutions is a unique and proactive not-for-profit development corporation whose mandate is to raise the bar in commercial excellence and workplace culture through:

  • creation of quality jobs
  • employee empowerment
  • participative management
  • worker involvement and development
  • community responsibility
  • healthy businesses and healthy employment opportunities


  • The alleviation of poverty and structured underemployment in Winnipeg through the creation and transformation of market driven enterprises.


COS is a proactive economic development corporation committed to a model of sectoral employment development that will create systemic change within targeted occupational labour markets.


  • Create and support market-driven enterprises that will employ low income Manitobans
  • Work with established businesses to enhance and transform their operations in order to create new, empowerment-based and participatory business cultures in which low income Manitobans will have the prospect of quality employment
  • Create, support and facilitate business support systems and professional networks for community-based "social entrepreneur" organizations

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Awarded $7,500 - 2005


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