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This is an exciting year-long project that will explore the major issues relevant to diversity and immigration in Ottawa, looking for ways to maximize the opportunities and minimize the challenges.

A series of forums, public discussions and researched articles and papers from October 2004 tpo December 2005, will examine the current status of diversity and identify recommendations for improvement.

Ottawa is becoming increasingly diverse.

One out of five citizens of Ottawa is not from an English of French language background. (155,295 persons according to Statistics Canada 2001 Census)
22% of the population of the city is foreign-born
18% of the population are described as visible minorities.
Religious minority groups are also growing at a fast rate.
The foreign born population is one of the most rapidly expanding groupings in Ottawa. The demographic shift is challenging local institutions who need accurate information in order to design and implement program and organizational changes.
This diversity presents both challenges and opportunities.

The purpose of this project is broaden our understanding of the impact of diversity and immigration on the Ottawa community. The issues are moving rapidly and it is timely to put the best minds to work on what is happening.
This initiative will bring together policy makers and influencers, researchers, practitioners and others with a professional interest, to present research results, discuss ideas and share perspectives on immigration, diversity and the impact on the Ottawa community.
The roundtables will work toward finding ways to make sure that me maximize the opportunities, and minimize the challenges - for individuals, for communities and for the city as a whole.
What? Eleven public forums on how immigration and diversity impacts on municipal policy and programs in Ottawa.

Format? Each forum will include researchers, municipal officials, community organizations and media representatives. They will feature a few key presentations followed by a focused discussion..

When? One panel per month over the year November 2004 to December 2005.

Why? Ensure municipal policies and programs are sensitive to the increasing diversity of communities in Ottawa.

Sponsored by? Catholic Immigration Centre, Ottawa
Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ottawa
Metropolis Project, Citizenship & Immigration Canada
Canadian Opportunities Partnership

What issues? Following an overview forum, these are specific policy issues that will be examined:

  • Civic participation
  • Planning
  • Social services
  • Public health
  • Housing and homelessness
  • Education and learning
  • Parks and recreation
  • Labour market
  • Culture
  • Justice and Policing

Awarded $5,000 - 2005

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