Canadian Centre for Investigative Reporting (CCIR)

The Canadian Centre for Investigative Reporting (CCIR) was founded in 2008 in response to the ongoing attrition of the resources and expertise from Canadian newsrooms necessary to produce in-depth investigative reporting on matters of significant public interest.

Borrowing from a rich 30-year tradition of independent not-for-profit investigative reporting in the United States – a tradition that now extends around the globe – the Canadian Centre for Investigative Reporting is the only independent investigative reporting news organization in the country.

The CCIR was started in order to tell the stories not getting through the news filter – the stories that require the time, effort, resources and relationship-building only possible when investigative reporting is valued and supported financially.

The CCIR is governed by a national board of directors, with staff and headquarters in Hamilton, Ontario. The CCIR structure also includes a national advisory board of journalists and a network of investigative associate reporters, producers and editors.

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